OSS and BSS Services

We at O2F are a fast emerging global player in the Operational System Support (OSS) Business Support Systems (BSS) market. We specialize in providing OSS and BSS solutions around ConceptWave, Oracle and other products and solutions. We have set up a Center of Excellence in OSS and BSS, with a core focus on providing only the best in class services to our clients. We achieve this goal by providing timely, optimized and innovative solutions with clear emphasis on process quality.

Our Center for Excellence is staffed with highly trained, expert consultants who bring a consolidated experience of 10 years in various products. We have implemented OSS and BSS projects in different countries around the world, including India and the USA. If you’re a telecom provider, you need to know that we are the strong and proven partner you need to adapt to the ever changing industry landscape.

What are Operational Support Systems?

OSS refers to the software and sometimes hardware applications that support a telecom’s back-office activities. These applications provision and maintain customer services and operate the telco’s network seamlessly. OSS processes are traditionally deployed by network planners, service designers, operations, architects, support, and engineering teams.

What are Business Support Systems?

BSS refers to the software applications that support customer-facing activities. These can include order management, customer relationship management, billing, call centre automation and so on. Sometimes BSS can include the customer-facing exterior of OSS applications such as service assurance or trouble-ticketing, which are back-office activities initiated by the customer.

How are OSS and BSS integrated?

OSS and BSS had a more defined separation in previous years, but not so anymore. Today, services and networks are more flexible and complicated, with Telcos offering a range of differentiated products. OSS and BSS are required to liaise over a range of activities that are back-office and customer-facing, with a clear overlap. Today, the act of offering a service to a customer is more of a negotiation between BSS’s commercial products and OSS’s ability to deliver certain products. Given that, a number of systems now straddle OSS/BSS. These include:

  • Service Assurance Systems: These OSS/BSS systems track service performance to ensure customer SLAs are met. Service Assurance can identify network failures on its own, and initiate resolution action and notify high-priority customers.
  • Service Catalogues: Service or product catalogues allow the Telco to list all offered products in a single place, while defining the network resources that can be used to deliver the service. Product managers use service catalogues as a tool to blend service offering and fulfilment processes across BSS and OSS.
  • Service Management Applications: When service order and fulfilment processes are complex, these applications enable greater interaction between OSS and BSS. A service order that contains multiple technical resources is delivered by multiple OSS systems. Service Management handles the fulfilment process and updates the customer-facing team on changes, progress and delivery issues.

How O2F’s OSS and BSS services can help you

Every day, telecom carriers are dealing with increased competition, new service roll outs, rapid expansion and pricing pressure. As each new marketing concept develops into another interesting service offering, newer issues are popping up. These include billing issues, provisioning issues, revenue assurance issues and major network and infrastructure issues. What we do is help you react quickly to market changes by rapidly launching innovative services and business models. We will help you achieve your business goals by optimizing your business processes, supply chain, networks and systems. With our wide range of process, system and service offering, we are ready to help telecom carriers work towards delivering international-level solutions in today’s uber-competitive environment.