Legacy Modernization

Cloud and Big Data are gaining foothold in several industries, including yours. What’s needed at this hour is application modernization, and legacy modernization is the way to go.

What is legacy modernization?

It’s all about reusing, modernizing and migrating existing business applications to newer technology stacks so that you can align them with your current business objective.

Legacy systems cost a lot to maintain, as you’ve probably found out. This, and the lack of adequate skill sets and doubtless business risks are moving several enterprises around the world towards modernizing their applications. Legacy modernization includes all or several of the following services:

  • Application migration
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Database Migration and Prototype Development Services

The advantages of legacy modernization

Legacy applications are business knowledge repositories. As you move towards modernization, you need to ensure that this knowledge is validated, implemented, successfully redeployed into the new system to ensure business continuity. We embrace a holistic approach to legacy modernization that is in line with your business goals. Here are some of the advantages of modernizing existing legacy systems:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Imagine shifting from character-based screens to rich Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). You’ll be vastly improving online end-user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Modification of Existing Applications: Tightly coupled parts of existing applications cannot be easily modified to modern workflows. In such cases, we will focus on adapting the entire application instead of phasing it out.
  • Creation of Newer Capabilities: It is necessary to create new solutions and plug them into existing applications in order to adapt to changing market conditions. We can achieve this by doing a proper analysis and re-engineering of existing applications.

The time to modernize legacy systems is now. The cost of modernization is nothing compared to the cost of maintaining them. Plus, skilled resources for legacy systems are in short supply. Modernization costs will skyrocket in the future so it’s the right time to modernize now. Contact us now if you are convinced that you need to go in for legacy modernization.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is data analysis that goes beyond simple mathematics. It goes beyond simple filtering and sorting. Advanced analytics uses algorithms, both mathematical and statistical, and formulas to recognize patterns, generate new information, and predict outcomes and probabilities.

Predictive analytics comes under advanced analytics; it focuses on identifying future events and their probabilities. We can apply advanced and predictive analytics to a number of use cases:

  • Classic customer value and success forecasts
  • Prevention of contract termination or price
  • Sales and demand forecasts
  • Prediction of machine failures
  • Social media monitoring and evaluation
  • Predictive policing

What Our Analytics Services Professionals Can Do For You

Our analytics services professionals have core expertise across a wide range of advanced analytics solutions.

  • Through advanced analytics, we can help you obtain a deeper understanding of your business and improve productivity via dashboards, reports and data visualizations.
  • We can help you predict outcomes, minimize business risks and maximize return.
  • Our fully trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable Analytics Services experts are geared to help you succeed using advanced and predictive analytics.
  • We will help you define and deliver value across the 4 core elements of an analytics engagement - Define, Implement, Realize and Grow. Each of these elements address a phase within the lifecycle.
  • At every step in the Advanced Analytics lifecycle, we will work with your team to provide expert advice, implementation and training as needed by your organization.
  • Alternatively we can undertake a thorough end-to-end implementation to enable an integrated analytics solution.

You can rely on us to deliver state-of-the-art advanced analytics services. Whichever industry your organization belongs to – we can help you maximize profits and revenue. We can enable a single view of customers and a dashboard containing insights-driven pricing, assortment details and demand forecasting and more. Our advanced analytics services helps you to leverage data as a strategic asset. You can use our services to drive competitive advantage and provide a value-enhanced customer experience.

Big Data Development Operations

Any big data project, team or infrastructure requires coordination with DevOps if it is to work as well as other software project types. In the absence of DevOps, big data analytics development experiences broken coordination and other issues.

Our big data development operations team

Our big data development operation team is well versed in the leading big data technologies such as Apache Spark or Hadoop. They are proficient in processing and handling parallel data. From a programming perspective, our focus is on Scala, Python and Java. Our team understands functional programming applications and possess a hard-core knowledge of the ecosystem of big data platforms. Our team is capable of proficiently addressing stream processing or transferring data to a big data platform. Our big data development operations team works closely with our Big Data Analysts, who are experts at applying statistics, mathematics and machine learning algorithms to the data.

Why partner with us for big data DevOps

We are proficient in developing enterprise-wide analytics and business critical solutions for enterprises who want to leverage big data. We have extensive, multi-industry experience in big data storage, analysis and processing techniques. We combine this experience with an innovative approach to bring you tailored, effective solutions that answer business-specific needs. Our big data development operations pair reliability with cost effectiveness and diverse functionality to bring you the solution you need.

We leverage our expertise in development operations and big data administration to ensure accurate architecture setup. Our big data implementation comes with full automation and management of data clusters to ensure high throughput and availability. Through our DevOps, we apply data governance to help you identify potential threats and ensure data security.


As enterprises continue to leverage various mechanisms for client interaction, there is a consistent increase in data volume, structure and sources. This humungous new data needs to be seamlessly integrated into the existing big data ecosystem. This requires a level of optimal ongoing management of each platform and application that is being deployed within the ecosystem.

At O2F, we have the skills, expertise and experience to assist you throughout your Big Data journey. We will stand beside you right from the assessment stage to implementation and post-implementation enhancements and maintenance. We offer various big data support services such as administration, monitoring, tool configuration and more. We help you leverage tools such as Analysis tools, Business Intelligence tools, Visualization tools and Performance Monitoring tools in conjunction with big data platform needs. We offer several flexible engagement models in our big data support services

Advisory Services

We are experienced with various big data platform distributions, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), time series databases, cloud storage systems and other technologies. We can provide advisory services on big data analytics which will enable you to take advantage of industry best technologies. We can recommend best practices, and develop both Proof Of Concept and Proof Of Value based on your business needs.