Network planning and designing involves complexities that could impact existing operations for service providers if not managed efficiently. Demand for increased network capacity requires optimal network planning and designing that ensures cross-functional and flexible networks. At O2F, we offer engineering services that are customizable and scalable to suit the complex needs of Service providers. Our goal is to optimize network capacity and growth, as well as to ensure network resiliency. We offer services that include installing and commissioning, network integration, RF optimization, benchmarking, and field engineering.

Planning & Design

Some of the key challenges that service providers face in network planning and designing are accommodating newer services and technologies (3G, LTE antennas, etc.) onto the existing infrastructure, optimizing spectrum frequencies for maximum network coverage, processing large volumes of log files at peak network rollouts, and providing uninterrupted mobile network services throughout the access area.

O2F’s comprehensive planning and design services include cell site design and drafting, post-processing services, in-building solutions and RF planning, design, optimization, and compliance management. Our services optimize and benchmark network resources using industry standard tools. They encompass planning and designing of multivendor, multitechnology cell sites, such as radio frequency and infra – and intra-body communication (IBC) for both Greenfield and brownfield areas. We maintain and provide enhanced network performance and automation of processes, thereby allowing you to focus on core business activities, reduce overheads, and increase customer satisfaction.

Field Engineering

The need to provide last-mile connectivity, increased reach, as well as coverage of networks, coupled with the capacity requirements to process huge numbers of log files at peak network rollouts, is posing significant challenges to industry players.

O2F provides multivendor, multitechnology field implementations for enabling network rollouts. Our services include installation and commissioning, remote commissioning and configuration, in-building solution deployment, acceptance testing, RF benchmarking, field survey (EMF, infra, RF, hotspot). Our experienced field engineering team provides world-class installations and commissioning solutions to address key challenges, meet regulatory compliance and improve business efficiency. We enable substantial cost savings with our state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC) capabilities to remote commission network parameters. O2F’s solutions provide better network management and add value to your business by reducing customer churn and increasing revenues.


O2F is a multi-tier provider of OSS/NMS solutions, with a solid track record of success. O2F provides end to end OSS/NMS services. O2F’s OSS/NMS services include:
  • Systems Integration, Business/Requirements Analysis and Solution Delivery.
  • Product evaluation and recommendation, based upon Client requirements.
  • OSS/NMS Solutions Delivery, Extensive experience in implementation ,customization of out-of-the-box products Adherence to ITUT, TMN and 3GPP standards.
  • Application/Development/Maintenance services including trustworthy history of NMS Testing and Production Support.
  • Client-centric, end-to-end NMS (Fault/ Performance/ Configuration/ Inventory/Provisioning) solution design and implementation.
  • Staff augmentation, providing highly skilled consultants with unique combination of NMS Domain expertise, Network Engineering and IT (Net/Java/C++/Oracle).
  • Adaptor development for ASCII/TL1/SNMP/CMIP/CORBA interfaces